Sniper Soap Body Wash is the #1 Hockey Soap on the Market!

Millions of hockey players around the world have left arenas with the smell of hockey gear lingering on their hands, elbows, knees and feet, even after showering! Not anymore!

Sniper Soap Body Wash was developed to eliminate the "stinky gear" odor that has become common to every hockey player. Other products attempt to eliminate smell from hockey gear, but until now, nothing has been offered that cleanses the body from the stink. Sniper Soap is different from other body washes that are bought in stores. Sniper Soap contains powerful ingredients tailored specifically to the hockey player's needs - the need to take the "stink" off! Sniper Soap eliminates hockey odor while invigorating the body after a tough practice or intense game! Sniper Soap Body Wash is the only hockey soap: for hockey players - made BY hockey players!

"As a hockey player for 20 years, I have struggled with one problem - leaving the hockey smell in the locker room. This hockey soap was developed for those who would like to leave the stink of old gear where it belongs - at the rink!"

Owner/CEO, Aaron Dufford

Sniper Soap Hockey Soap
Sniper Soap Hockey Soap
Sniper Soap Hockey Soap


"I'm an old school mucker with the smelliest hockey hands in the league. One time after our game, I borrowed a few squirts of Sniper Soap and it worked like magic. I haven't smelled this good in 60 years, and best of all Mrs. Howie will actually smooch me now."

- Howie from Howies Hockey Tape

"Sniper Soap works! When you get off the ice you don't want to stink the rest of the night, and I usually did until I used Sniper Soap."

- T. Hermsmeyer (16)
Lincoln, Nebraska

"When I get off the ice, I don't want any trace of hockey scent on my hands or the rest of my body. That's why for those of us who sweat a lot, we need something as powerful and refreshing as Sniper Soap."

- Zach Z. (23)
Littleton, Colorado